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Ripped shoulder Svalbard
Ripped shoulder Svalbard

Ripped shoulder Svalbard

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Ripped hood

These hoodies have ripped seam in shoudel to arm. The torn spot is not the same in every shirt as in the example picture.

Please note: All products has been used.

Baja Hoodie

We manufacture all our products responsibly. Baja's purchase is a sustainable choice.

There is always a limited amount of recycled material from which we make our hoodies. That's why our collection changes at regular intervals, so there is limited availability of each color.

The material is a cutting waste from the manufacture of t-shirts, which is further cut to fit the fabric. The material consists of 50% cotton, 25% acrylic and 25% polyester. Product is made in Mexico.




Material is 50% cotton, 25% acrylic and 25% polyester. Cotton gives the hoodie its softness and comfort. Acrylic and polyester make the fabric very durable and dirt-free. Fabric is pre-shrunk - so no random surprises there either.


Very easy to take care of: just machine-wash it when feeling like it. Make it in 30-40 degrees and with gentle cycling (about 600 rpm)





Repaired products do not have any kind of warranty. 



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