Baja Spring

Baja Spring

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The Baja hoodie is the best all-around hoodie you will ever find. It is a garment that you simply will fall in love with.

This lovely Baja will keep you warm and safe during the chilly summer nights, joyous after-skis and backpacking trips

It's something that can be worn anytime, anywhere. It's sturdy and it protects you from the harsh world, but it's still not too hot.

For our hoodies, we use ecological ECOMEX fabric, which is made of excess from t-shirt manufacturing. The old-school machines that we use for sewing our hoodies produce little waste and give just the right beefy texture that you won't find in those cheap copies.

Material is 50% cotton, 25% acrylic and 25% polyester. Cotton gives the hoodie its softness and comfort. Acrylic and polyester make the fabric very durable and dirt-free. Fabric is pre-shrunk - so no random surprises there either. 

Very easy to take care of: just machine-wash it when needed.

Authentically made in Mexico. 

See our sizing chart

Get your Baja and think never again what to wear when you want to take it easy.